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In the interests of brevity, I’m going to pick what I believe are the best boards LGA775 and AM2 motherboards. Both of these are made by ASUS

ASUS Maximus ExtremeHigh-end - LGA775 - ASUS Maximus Extreme - New!

$400 is an insane amount of money to pay for a motherboard, but you do get one heck of a board for your money. The ASUS Maximus Extreme supports all of Intel’s current Core 2 offerings, even the latest 45nm multi-core packages. The Maximus Extreme is based on the X38 chipset. You also get support for 8GB of RAM (the motherboard supports DDR3 memory (yes, that means spending crazy money on RAM … ) that features data transfer rates of 1800(overclocked)/1600(overclocked)/1333/1066/800MHz), Crossfire, 8-channel audio, loads of USB ports, IEEE 1394a - the works! Plus, it’s an overclocker’s dream.

Price - about $400

ASUS M3A32-MVP DeluxeHigh-end - AM2 - ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe

About the only difference between the Maximus Formula and the M3A32-MVP Deluxe (apart from the socket), is the Chipset - the AM2 board comes with an AMD 790FX chipset - the only drawback (for those wanting an extreme system) is that it doesn’t have DDR3 support. Apart from that, the M3A32-MVP Deluxe is a very capable board indeed.

Price - about $250

MSI 975X Platinum Mid-range - LGA775 - MSI 975X Platinum - New!

It’s tricky to pick the best mid-range motherboard because the market is crowded and there’s little to separate the competition. However, my money would go to MSI for the 975X Platinum board. It’s a very capable board that offers support broad CPU support (from Celeron D processors to the latest Core 2 Extreme) and rock-solid performance.

Good board at a good price.

Price - about $110

Biostar TForce 7050-M2Mid-range - AM2 - Biostar TForce 7050-M2 - New!

In the mid-range AM2 motherboard category the best board in my opinion is the Biostar TForce 7050-M2. It combines excellent performance at a price that doesn’t make your head spin.

This board has all the usual complement of ports, including an HDMI port - nice.

Price - about $90

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