An antimatter breakthrough has taken place in Geneva by a group of talented scientists and researchers who study the origins of the universe.  In what represents the first time scientists have been able to harness antimatter, one such feat took place under the direction of an American scientist.

Researchers have long since wondered how matter exists today largely in planets and throughout the universe, while its opposite, antimatter, has largely disappeared from existence.

Luckily, through trial and error, Jeffrey Hangst, an American scientists and his group in Geneva at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), have managed to trap 38 anti-hydrogen atoms.

Using a sophisticated electromagnetic field and a process to lower the absolute temperature just below its threshold, they were able to create an antimatter breakthrough.  In the past, they've been able to create antimatter, but the methods employed never allowed for study, as they disappeared in a flash.

But, thanks to the antimatter breakthrough, scientists can now study the particles much longer.  Hopefully, this will answer the age old questions on how the universe was created and what happened to most of the antimatter.

Scientists say not to worry about the antimatter breakthrough being used to warp us into other universes, or be used for a weapon to rule the world.  In fact, it would take billions of years just to make one gram of the stuff.  Sorry, Dr. Doom.

Click the image below that follows this post for a larger photo of the antimatter breakthrough as captured by the Alpha detector.

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