‘Storm Chaser’ Matt Hughes died last May, but why are his fans just now finding out about his death? ‘Storm Chasers’ decided not to disclose his death to the show’s fans, being Matt Hughes cause of death was uncertain.

According to CBS News, Hughes cause of death has still not been released to the public. ‘Storm Chasers’ did a tribute show to Matt Hughes, which signified to fans that he had died. The Discovery Channel show was called “Dedication.”

The ‘Storm Chasers’ show featured Matt Hughes on his final tornado chase, which happened to occur on the same weekend of his mysterious death. The “Dedication” show was Discovery Channel’s “best tornado intercepts ever.”

How did ‘Storm Chasers’ Matt Hughes die? According to CBS News, Hughes had “suffered a fatal injury at his home. He died a week later on May 26, 2010, in Wichita, Kan., at age 30.” The popular Hughes left behind a beloved family, his wife, Kendra and his two sons, Hunter and Collin.

Rumors are flying about Matt Hughes death, and some believe his death was caused by a suicide. It is evident that Hughes' death was not caused by storm chasing, if the accident occurred at home. However, Hughes did not seem like the type of person to commit suicide, but maybe deep down he was depressed uncontrollably. What do you think was the cause of death of Matt Hughes? And why is Discovery Channel being so secretive about it?

Photo Source: Matt Hughes Death

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