What is naked skydiving? Apparently it is when Roberta Mancino takes off her clothes and jumps out of a plane. The sexy skydiver was named Men’s Fitness Sexiest Woman – she won the magazine’s poll about who is the sexiest woman in sports.

Roberta Mancino is Sexiest Woman in Sports - she's a nude skydiver 
from ItalyShe actually doesn’t always jump naked – four of the Italian’s 4,000 jumps have been in the buff. The sexy Roberta Mancino has also appeared naked in Playboy and Max. Part of the way she stays in such great shape for her sport is by going to the gym, doing yoga and practicing test runs in an indoor wind tunnel.

Mancino is the Italian national freestyle skydiving champ. She told Men’s Fitness that skydiving is her life, and it shows. Finally, there is a sexy female sports star who excels at her sport and not just at looking good. Do you have any other sexy women in sports to add to Roberta Mancino? Did you know about her before she was voted the sexiest woman in sports in Men’s Fitness?

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