Monday, December 13, 2010

Cate Edwards Engaged?

101 Questions to Ask Before You Get EngagedJohn and Elizabeth Edwards' daughter, Cate Edwards is engaged.

Perhaps the happiest thing to happen to the Edwards family in a long time, Cate Edwards is set to marry her beau, Trevor Upham. Perhaps overshadowed by the loss of her mother, Elizabeth, Cate's engagement may have been the last real joy that her mother experienced.

"Elizabeth was thrilled," a source tells PEOPLE. Although Cate won't have her mother at her wedding, she still has the memories of her mother's happiness in knowing that her daughter was engaged. It's knowing that your mother saw you and knew that you were happy that can really make a difference going forward.

It's nice to know that Cate has someone to hold on to during this sad time. Her siblings are much younger and can depend on their dad for support, but sometimes it's easier to lean on a significant other when things of this magnitude come in to your life. We're happy for Cate Edwards and we hope that they are able to lean on one another throughout this sad time and in times in the future.

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