Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SUV Insurance

So You Wanna Buy A Car? - Things That You Should Know When Buying A Car!The SUV or sports utility vehicle is one of the most sought after vehicles today. This is actually considered as a powerful vehicle which triggers the daredevil in some of the drivers today. That is why most car insurance companies are giving higher car insurance rates or auto insurance cost for this type of vehicle compared to the typical cars that you see on the road.

But even though other people are driving SUV’s like there’s no tomorrow, this vehicle is actually designed for slow speed especially when driven on rough terrains. Aside from the insurance premium, the expenses for repairing an SUV, and the fuel consumption are just some of the disadvantages of SUV’s.

What really makes SUV insurance expensive? There are numerous reasons given by the ABC News and Consumer Reports why the premiums of SUV insurance are usually high.
  1. Because SUVs are more prone to accidents compared to its smaller vehicle counterparts, car insurance companies think that increasing the insurance rate would help them protect their business and the vehicle better.
  2. Once an SUV got involve d in an accident, there will be more damages to their passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles.
  3. The amount of repairing SUV is more expensive since the standard is not bound to the same standards of the smaller cars.
  4. An SUV is more likely to tip over and roll than small cars.
  5. The SUV is at risk of theft since it is very popular, stylish, and a trendy vehicle.
However, you still have some chances of getting discounts in your insurance rate if you own a SUV. You can use the safety equipments that are installed in your SUV, your driving history, credit record, the place where you live, and the model that you drive so you can get a lower SUV insurance rate.

Top 10 tips on how you could reduce your insurance premiums

Surely, you want to lower your insurance premium by as much as 50 percent or even more if possible. Why not try some of these strategies so you can control the insurance premium that the company will give you.
  1. Try looking for the auto insurance quotes of the various insurance companies. You will be surprised to know how these rates vary. More often than not, getting these quotes is free of charge and can be asked from an insurance agent or you can get it online.
  2. Ask your agent about the insurance rate of a particular SUV model before your purchase the vehicle.
  3. Maintain a clean driving record.
  4. Maintain a high credit score.
  5. Higher deductibles can actually get you lower insurance premiums.
  6. Do not forget to have safety equipments installed in your SUV.
  7. Forget about the unnecessary coverage if you own an old SUV model.
  8. The longer you stay with the same insurance company, the bigger chance you get discounts on your SUV insurance premium.
  9. Purchase the insurance for your SUV from the same company where you bought the insurance for your home or other types of insurance as well.
  10. Take advantage of the group insurance along with your fellow SUV enthusiasts.
As you can see, driving your SUV and keeping insurance rates low are not mutually exclusive.

So take advantage of cost-saving strategies, apply for free quotes from our vast agent network, and get a custom-tailored policy made especially for you.

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