Monday, December 13, 2010

Bernie Madoff barred from attending sons' funeral: Should Bernie Madoff be allowed out to grieve the loss of his son?

Too Good to Be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie MadoffBernie Madoff has been barred from his sons' funeral according to recent news reports. Madoff's son, Mark, was found dead this past week from an apparent suicide. While Madoff is serving a 150 year prison sentence in North Carolina, his sons funeral will have to go on without him.

Mark Madoff was found in the living room of his New York apartment on Saturday. Medical examiners have deemed his death to be a suicide. Could Mark Madoff not deal with the fallout and scrutiny that the whole family has had to undergo as a result of his fathers' actions?

The North Carolina prison where Bernie Madoff currently is being held, allows inmates who have two years or less left in their sentence to attend the funerals of family members. Since Bernie has many, many years ahead of him, it appears that he will not be able to attend the funeral of his son.

Do you think it's fair that Bernie Madoff has been barred from his sons funeral? Though we can all admit that Bernie did a horrible thing by scamming so many people out of their hard earned money, it's still sad that he cannot be there to pay his last respects to his son. One question that lingers is whether Mark Madoff would even want his father at his funeral, since it is his fault the family is facing so much backlash. What do you think? Would Mark want his father to be present or would he rather him sit in jail while his funeral goes on?

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