Monday, December 13, 2010

Teen Likely Fell From Plane: Delvonte Tisdale’s Body Found in Massachusetts

A North Carolina teen most likely fell to his death from a plane. On Friday, a Massachusetts prosecutor stated Delvonte Tisdale’s mutilated body was found in the Airplane Cake Pan - 11 x 10.75 Inchessuburbs of Boston.

There was news the teen most likely fell from a plane he had stowed away on. Officials speculated that Delvonte Tisdale, 16, hid inside the wheel well of the plane but later fell to his death. There has not been a reason given for why he teen tried to stowaway. Evidence found of the teen being a stowaway were wheel well handprints which belonged to Delvonte Tisdale and clothes strewn about the travel path of the plane.

This teen’s death was a truly sad occurrence and should be a lesson for all. Please just pay the money for your own seat. Flying is one of the safest ways to travel and it is no longer that expensive. This was a truly tragic event. Hopefully, this will be the last time something like this occurs…

Sadly, we will never know the exact reason why this teen decided to hide away on a plane. No one will know why he fell to his death. Whatever his plans were, he’s dead now. He may have thought he would be safe but he fell thousands of feet to his death.

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